Sunday, August 9, 2020

My Top Ten Pet Peeves of Philosophy

1. Only philosophy professors with PhDs in philosophy can be philosophers.

2. It is impossible to prove that you know what you know.

3. All science is defined as that which can be refuted or falsified.

4. The theory of axioms.

5. The conviction that it is impossible to plausibly or correctly explain what consciousness is.

6. The conviction, which no one has ever actually proven, that color is subjective.

7. The belief that only "the great philosophers" deserve to be taught.

8. The academy's absolute and stunning refusal to consider Ayn Rand as a serious and worthy philosopher.

9. The belief that that the success of a philosopher is to be defined by the pedigree and ranking of the school he teaches at and the school he got his PhD from, not by the truth or rationality of his ideas.

10. The overwhelming sense in academic philosophy that the goal of philosophy is to brainwash students into believing your positions, not to teach students critical thinking skills to view reality with an open mind, equipped with reason and logic as tools, and choose their own beliefs for themselves.