Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Top Ten Principles of Consciousness Objectivism

Consciousness Objectivism is a theory that answers the hard question: what is consciousness? These are the top ten principles of the theory.
1. A conscious experience is a thing in reality that you are experiencing.
2. If you experience an apple, the round, red, apple-shaped, apple-tasting sensation that you experience, that looks like an apple and tastes like an apple, is the apple in objective reality, it is not an apple in your head.
3. Color is objective. Color, like all perceived entities, exists objectively. If it did not exist, you would not perceive it.
4. The "phenomenological theater," the sensations and perceptions that you continuously see, hear, smell, etc., in your conscious perception, is objective reality.
5. A conscious experience of a thing that you see is a seen thing, whereas "the sight of something", as designated by word "of", is the light that brings the seen thing from the thing to your brain where the brain processes the light signals so that your mind sees the object in external reality. The light brings the object to your mind.
6. The meaning of a word is what the word brings to your mind when processed by your system of language.
7. A seen thing is what the sight of that seen thing brings to your mind's eye when your eyes retina and brains occipital lobe processes the light signals.
8. If you see a painting of a woman, you see a woman because the paint in the painting showed a woman to your mind's eye. The experience of a work of art is what the work of art brings to your mind's eye.
9. The content of a computer data file is the object that the computer data shows to the recipient when the recipient translates the data according to the logic of the computer language in which the data was stored, it is the meaning "of" the data.
10. If you exist objectively, then when you look at something, you see reality, not the inside of your own mind. If what you experience is merely a representation within your mind that your brain constructed based on the sensation/perception data that your body received, then subjectivism or solipsism, because you know only what you see, and you could never get outside your own mind to see reality -- except Kant, that mysticism transcends your mind to know external reality.
Credit to Mortimer Adler for this theory.