Sunday, August 9, 2020

What is Politics? The Top Ten Answers

 1. Politics is the system that enables many people to share one space without everyone murdering everyone else.

2. Politics is the articulation and enforcement of human rights.

3. Politics is the arena where the forces of freedom fight the forces of tyranny.

4. Politics is the system that seeks to use wisdom to restrain man's baser instincts and guide man's behavior with wisdom and justice.

5. Politics is the system that enacts and enforces laws, which are arbitrarily and subjectively chosen by humans when they decide how they want to govern themselves.

6. Politics is the system that enacts and enforces laws, by identifying the objective facts about human nature which define the set of laws that humans need in order to live happy lives.

7. Politics is the system whereby the rulers rule over the masses by means of oppression and propaganda, within which rebellions may rise, some of which will topple the old rulers and replace them with new rulers.

8. Politics is the civic lifeblood of the polis.

9. Politics is where the people go who are too rich to be common criminals and too evil to be businessmen.

10. Politics is the area where lives any and every requirement that the human species has in order to flourish which can only be, and necessarily is, imposed by force against some or all people without their consent.