Thursday, September 24, 2020

My Creepy Spooky Fun Fact for Halloween

So my favorite author is Ayn Rand (No, I am not my own favorite author). Want to hear something a little bit creepy and spooky? I was born on the exact week that Ayn Rand died, in 1982, and, as best as my research can discover, she was treated at the hospital where I was born, shortly before she died. So she and I might literally have both been in the same building for a short period of time. Isn't that weird? But it is absolutely true! Stranger than fiction.... Since with a little digging you could probably guess my birthday from this anyway, I will go ahead and disclose that, of minor interest, I and Murray Rothbard share the same birthday (not the year, obviously, just the calendar day), although, Rothbard, yuck! Who cares about him?! (LOL.) I wonder whether the Zodiac Astrology signs on that day are the magical Zodiac signs of libertarian politics? (I'm joking! But it really is weird!)