Friday, September 3, 2021

Big Changes 2021

So I'm blogging... Who blogs anymore, right? I am such an Xenial... (Xenial is the name of the sub-generation between Generation X and the Millennial Generation. So sort of like an older Millennial. I am technically a Millennial but I just made the cut.)

Anyway, so, after spending the last decade drinking 5 cups of coffee a day, I have stopped drinking coffee...

And, after being an omnivore for virtually my entire life, I have decided to become vegetarian. I will eat plants and dairy, but not meat or eggs.

Why? A combination of cost and health. Meat is both unhealthy and economically inefficient, from a point of view of cost as compared to the same nutrition produced from plants.

I had also reached the point with coffee where my body is so desensitized that 5 cups was having no effect... That's a sign it's time to stop!