Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Philosophy of Objectivism in Ten Comparisons Against All Major World Religions

1. Buddhism says you should renounce your desires as the path to inner peace. Objectivism says you should achieve your desires as the path to happiness.
2. Religion says you should focus on the afterlife. Objectivism says you should focus on this life.
3. Existentialism says nothing means anything. Objectivism says your life means something.
4. Marxism/socialism says capitalism is evil. Objectivism says capitalism is virtuous.
5. Christianity says Jesus Christ died to save you from your sins. Objectivism says there is no such thing as original sin, and to be human is good, not evil.
6. Islam says the Prophet Mohamed is your source of truth. Objectivism says your reasoning mind is your source of truth.
7. Kantianism says knowledge comes from intuition. Objectivism says knowledge comes from experience.
8. Judaism says the Jews are God's chosen people. Objectivism says every human being belongs in this reality.
9. Subjectivism says you know only your own subjective point of view. Objectivism says that perception and logic are your means of knowing objective reality.
10. The government says you need government experts to make your decisions for you. Objectivism has confidence in you that you can make the correct decisions for yourself.